Face Masks 3-Pack Adult Pleated Masks 5 layer reusable

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3 pcs per pack solid color 

choice of:

black - white - gray 

Everest High tech fabric

5-ply Protective  Mask

Breathable, Environmentally Friendly, Flexible, odorless

1. Washable up to 20 times

2. Adjustable nose bar,

3. Using 75% alcohol to spray on both sides of the mask, wait 15 minutes, and using laundry liquid or powder to wash it by hand or put it into a 3-dimensional laundry bag, then put it out to dry in a ventilated shaded place. Do not rub to avoid the n-PTFE film from rupturing and it can be reusable for a long time.

4. U.S.A.: This is a medical-grade mask and it can replace a medical-grade face mask to be used in combination with other recommended measures to stop the community spread of any viruses, including social distancing, washing your hands, and refraining from touching your face. This is an FDA approved product. This product promotes antimicrobial protection, antiviral protection, particulate filtration, or infection prevention or reduction. This product can be used in a medical setting.